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Makelaars - Financieel adviseurs



JUST IN CASE…When you buy a house, insurance is an important consideration. Not just to cover the possible loss of the material things you've worked so hard to acquire. No, insurance is also there to prevent the need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle, in the event of illness, inability to work, or loss of your job. 

Moments when the financial consequences are often difficult to comprehend. And in the unlikely event of a calamity, you’ll be glad you made the necessary provisions. So that you can continue to enjoy the life you know.

Glasshouse: Rest assured. 


Insurance exists to cover major financial interests. But how to decide what, and which form, duration or insured capital? And what exactly is your goal in taking out a policy? Questions we can answer. We’re ready to advise you on all aspects of insurance, and what they mean to your personal situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Glasshouse: Personal advice

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