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              REAL ESTATE

The objective of a valuation is to assess the true value of a property. Something we are exceptionally good at. As true professionals, we have all vital market information at our fingertips, and we conduct many valuations every year.We don’t sell hot air, we sell your property for what it is truly worth.

You can also call on us when you wish to buy a home. Because we’re the first to hear when new properties come onto the market in the district,in turn we can make sure you are the first to know. And when it comes to a purchase, we’ll make sure your new home gets a thorough and correct valuation.




We negotiate on your behalf. Businesslike, without emotion, so that you truly get your money’s worth from our commission.



It’s no surprise that we’re prepared to enter a result-based commission agreement.              

Glasshouse: Payment for performance.


We have been working for years in the Gooi & Vecht district. So we know every nook and cranny in the region.

Moreover, we are recognised and chartered real estate agents and valuers.

Your purchase, valuation,  and sale is independable hands when you partner with us.

Call or e-mail for an appointment .

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