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Makelaars - Financieel adviseurs


Early retirement?

The government and employers are increasingly seeing retirement income as a private matter. So it’s up to you, to ensure that you can later continue to live in the pleasure and comfort to which you’re now accustomed.

Retirement is a time when you don’t want to face unpleasant surprises, or have to live on a strict budget. So now is the time to put your financial future in order. That’s what we’re here for.

Glasshouse: You can count on us.



We can imagine that you don’t spend every day thinking about your pension. After all, it all seems so far away.

 Seems… but what if you'd rather stop before official retirement age? And enjoy all that leisure time with your partner? It makes sense to consider your options now.

Better yet: take the first steps, here and now! Let's explore the options together. Contact us for an appointment.

Glasshouse: We’ll take the time for you.


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